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- The Wikimedia Foundation

Congratulations, GNAA. You won.
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By recreating this article, we have once again, given the GNAA the "fame" and "reinforcement" they clearly don't fucking deserve.
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GNAA exists for the "purpose" of shock value: whether someone wants to change the electronic bits within our database or manipulate life and coverage, vandalism is vandalism, and should be rewarded appropriately.
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Keep deleted. I'm afraid I've no wish to read the remarks next week about how the GNAA successfully trolled Wikipedia.
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As much as I hate GNAA and everyone involved in it, it IS notable among the realm of internet troll activities.
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Offensive to Blacks, this article does nothing to improve the encyclopedia, is a self-reference because the group was founded specifically to troll Wikipedia and other prominent websites, and it brings Foundation officials, editors, and projects into disrepute, risking funding and credibility. All previous reasons to keep this abomination should be disregarded because per WP:IAR it does not improve the encyclopedia in any way, but damages it in the several ways specified.
- "Selery"

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