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Support for Last Measure™

Last Measure™ as the GNAA's premier open source application, is the "open source final solution". If you are having trouble with it, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Last Measure™ is a complex application with many interdependencies. One must be aware of all these caveats and work around them in their use of Last Measure™ and derived applications. Last Measure™ is officially supported as a link on Slashdot.

What is Last Measure™

Last Measure™ is a world-renowned website development platform released by the GNAA. Last Measure™ leverages a synergy of Flash, Javascript, and Java technologies to create windows containing unique, consumer-friendly media; launches IRC, telnet, BitTorrent, media player, AOL instant messenger (AIM), PDF viewer, and email windows; and informs those who may happen to be in the vicinity of the computer that the user of said computer is currently viewing deviant pornographic material of an overtly homosexual nature.

How can I help?

You can help support Last Measure™ by linking to it and/or mirroring it. You can also help us improve Last Measure™ by submitting code, images, audio files, and ideas using the "contact" form. Additionally, you can help by notifying us of any "free domain" giveaways by web hosts, as well as setting up mirrors using DNS services such as FreeDNS to point additional URLs to a working Last Measure™ mirror.

Common issues with Last Measure™

Where do I download Last Measure™

The code to Last Measure™ can be found here.

Nobody is clicking my links to Last Measure™

You will encounter this problem more often than others. If you are posting them to Slashdot, you must disguise it among a set of legitimate links to get moderated up. Otherwise people will reply "MOD PARENT DOWN, GOATSE TROLL" and you will be placed in the shit-heap. On other chat media, you will have to modify your rules to match (cf. "social engineering").

Last Measure™ is being blocked by my browser!

Sadly, and ever-increasing number of browsers block known Last Measure™ URLs. The only known remedy is to use a Last Measure™ URL that is not blacklisted by the browser. This can be accomplished through linking to a mirror of Last Measure™. GNAA is using innovative new technology to beat automatic detection attempts.

Last Measure™ only opens one pop-up or none at all

This is also a common problem. Many pop-up blockers and web browsers are getting better at blocking Last Measure™'s pop-ups. Rest assured that GNAA is dedicated to figuring out how to bypass them. Last Measure Unified X-2™, currently in private distribution, is more successful at this endeavor.

My question is not answered here

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, feel free to send us an email using our contact form.