GNAA Product Line

What follows is a list of the official GNAA Product Line. All prices are guaranteed to be the best on the market. Checks, credit and debit cards are all accepted forms of payment. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD), although Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Bitcoins (BTC), Gold Dust, Gold Bars, Gold Teeth, and African Conflict Diamonds are all valid currencies. All products ship within 7 to 10 business days, and shipping costs are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. All of our products can be bought in any quantity, as there is no minimal order quantity (MOQ). Our contact form can be used to place orders.

Last Measure Unified X™

The GNAA's premier web application suite, GNAA Last Measure™, is currently the number one web image showcase gallery of the Internet. It uses Web 2.0 technology to leverage the full power of XML RSS Community syndication to empower servers to deliver live and up-to-date information directly to the user's Desktop.

Last Measure™ is the GNAA's premier open source application. Last Measure™ is a complex application with many interdependencies. The effects of what has been dubbed the 'Open Source Final Solution' can be felt in almost every area of digital society. A striking example of this would be the once worthless .info TLD being re-energized with a huge cash and semen injection from the GNAA Last Measure™ project.

For support with a copy of Last Measure, see our Product Support page.

A licensed copy of GNAA Last Measure Unified X™ is currently being sold at $99.99 per copy.


The Drilldo™ is six barrels of sixteen-inch nigger-cock fury. The device is mounted on a small set of tank treads - mobility technology licensed from the US Army robotics program. We've found the Drilldo™ to be effective in a number of uses. Both Goatse and Mr. Hands were found to be adequately fulfilled. Our special Ass-Sabot rounds are designed to directly penetrate deep into the rectal core.

Drilldos™ are currently being sold at $24.99 per unit, or $199.99 for a box of 10.

Linux for Niggers™

Linux for Niggers™ is a Linux "distro" that includes special features designed to make Linux easier and more comfortable for niggers the world over. Niggers have always had trouble understanding new technology. Computers are no exception. Some people have said this is because niggers are dumb, but we believe the real problem is that technology has traditionally been designed for white people. Linux for Niggers™ changes all that. It was developed from the ground up with niggers in mind. It will usher in a whole new era of Afro-ergonomic computing.

Features unique to Linux for Niggers™ include an Ebonics-to-English translator, African "tribal beats" sound and desktop theme, and a collection of rap music and gay pornography. But this release isn't just about new features. This new version brings black men closer together than ever in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Linux for Niggers™ is currently being sold at $14.88 per copy.

Gay Porn Avalanche™

Gay Porn Avalanche™ is an unlimited high-speed Internet gay porn service that is unique in that the user can subscribe someone else to the service without their consent. Like most online services, the subscriber specifies location and payment method, but with Gay Porn Avalanche™ (GPA), someone other than the subscriber can be initiated as a recipient. The official brochure, printed in Kawasaki font on a bright pink adult incontinence product, says: "Know someone who's in denial about their sexual orientation? Send them more gay porn than they can view in a lifetime - and high speed access, too, for one low monthly price!"

Subscribers will be given a high-speed Internet hookup which plugs right into the back of their computer, and can download from any number of local "channels" at speeds faster than distant, often hard-to-reach-(around) Internet sites. "No more waiting for gay pornography," the brochure says. "With GPA™, it's home before you are." Upon its release, gay rights advocates immediately praised the venture as "soft outing," or a polite and acceptable way of encouraging others to face their inner homosexuality.

GPA™ debuts at $19.45 per month with a one-time sign-up fee of $6.66.


FourRape™ is a fully extensible, Java-based crap-flooding solution, based on an innovative plugin architecture. In theory and with the right plugin, you could effectively Sodomize Without Consent (SWC) anything from Futaba image boards to the deep bowels of the vast left wing goblin-kike conspiracy.

FourRape™ is currently being sold at $19.99 per unit.

GNAA OneNigger™

OneNigger™ is a hosted collaboration group-ware for taking a more proactive approach to trolling. By leveraging OneNigger™ services with industry trolling best-practices, the lone gay nigger, or small gay nigger organization is empowered to think outside the box.

Furthermore, in our focus group testing we were able to increase Last Measure™ coverage by 36.4% among bloggers participating in large blogrolls. Using modules like the OneNigger Date™ shared calendaring system allows groups to pick times to touch base on important trolling issues of the day.

Other modules in the OneNigger Enterprise version™ include OneNigger Chizzat™ running on patented extensions to IRC, OneNigger Phone™, which offers VoIP technologies with free toll-free access to the USA and Japan, and Gay Porn Avalanche Enterprise 2.0™ (GPAE2), now newly integrated into the OneNigger platform™. OneNigger™ requires Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 running on an Intel processor. AMD is not supported, as OneNigger™ is an enterprise-level software suite, and requires a powerful computer.

One can purchase a licensed copy of GNAA OneNigger™ for $199.99.