Frequently Asked Questions

About GNAA

Are you guys for real?

Yes, we are. GNAA is a world-famous human rights organization. For almost two decades, GNAA has worked tirelessly to ensure that gay black men receive the equal rights, fair treatment, and respect that they deserve. If you wish to know more, see the "About Us" section.

This website offends me

In no way does GNAA promote racism or homophobia. We are a support group for homosexual African Americans, who suffer from discrimination the likes of which you cannot even begin to imagine. If the great accomplishments we have made in our fight against racism and homophobia offend you, then you need to get your head checked. It is sad that someone would try to roll back all that we have done just for mere personal gain.

Other Common Questions

I need help with LastMeasure™/Other

GNAA does not currently offer support for any of its products. For any information relating to GNAA products, please see our "products" page.

Can I join?

That question is answered on our "join" page. Please go there with any questions you may have.

Do you have a mailing list?

GNAA does not currently have a mailing list.

I have feelings for a transsexual in my class, his name is boukje

That is not a question.

My question is not answered here

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, feel free to send us an email using our contact form.