Gary Niger
Gary Niger is the front figure of GNAA. A very passionate and smart man, with a Ph.D in Law, Science & Technology, he's one of our finest members. In his free time, Gary enjoys picking cotton, chatting with fellow members and hitting the gay clubs around California.

Donquisha Brown
Donquisha manages GNAA and makes sure the men are satisfied. Donquisha takes pride in winning Miss. Gay USA in both 2004 and 2006. In her free time, Donquisha enjoys knitting, taking care of her boars and getting facials.

Johntae Williams
Johntae is the event coordinator, and does an excellent job at it! Being a recovering crackhead, he has said that "we really helped drag him out of his depression." In his free time, he enjoys taking a swim with the dolphins he owns, editing Wikipedia to Afro-Americans' advantage and smoking medicinal marijuana.

Our Future Plans

1. Bringing sexual justice to all gay niggers out there is an incredibly important task, but we are determined to succeed and we have done a great deal in order to accomplish this. Unfortunately there's still more work to do, but you have our promise that we're working on this the best we can every single day!

2. Stop the Jewish hatred against gay niggers is another very important task as it has been proved to us that the Jewish community dislikes gays and niggers, and when you put those together you get a very high hatred level. The GNAA has been targeted by the Jews several times.

3. The current government refuses to allow us to have our own GNAA pride parade, which is discrimination. We have been trying to get our own pride parade for quite some time. Due to getting denied every time, we have been taking a break from this mission, but we will start again soon!

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